Mt. Washington Place Footpaths

Mt Washington Place Trails Network
MWP is laced with well-maintained footpaths - click here for a detailed map!  The MWP Loop Trail is two miles long and makes a ring around the property.  It can easily be done in sneakers in the summer, and in boots or snowshoes in the winter. It is easily accessed from any unit and is a great way to get to know the property and for your daily exercise. It takes you to the MWP high point from which there is a great view of the Presidentials and Crawford Notch. All the bridges and other construction on the trail were built by MWP volunteers. Other MWP trails include:
  • The A-to-H Trail (Appleby Close to Hartford Lane Ext.) connects the west and east sides of MWP.
  •  Peter's Path (named after former resident Peter Gordon) tales you along the MWP pond and was the first footpath built at MWP. It is now part of the Loop Trail.
  • The JAW Trail connects Hartford Lane Ext. to the back of building 100-103.

All MWP owners are enthusiastically welcomed to contribute to the maintenance of MWP trails - there is always something to do!  Contact Daniel Jacob if you are interested in helping with trail maintenance or if you have any questions or comments. 

Click here for an enlarged version of the map below.


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