Mount Washington Place is the largest condominium development in Bretton Woods, consisting of 105 units on the north (sunny) side of the Ammonoosuc River Valley at 1700 ft. altitude. The Bretton Woods Ski Area and the Mt. Washington Hotel are within walking distance and just a few minutes away by a free and frequent shuttle. Mt. Washington Place is completely surrounded by the White Mountain Forest with a large variety of outdoor opportunities.

Each MWP building (representative on left) consists of three or four units, each with two or three levels, between two and five bedrooms and 2-1/2 or 3-1/2 baths, with open floor layouts and cathedral ceilings. Some have spectacular views of Crawford Notch and/or the ski area, others have secluded forest views. A strong Owners' Association watches out for the interests of the owners, for the care of the buildings and grounds, and promotes a sense of community through social events and other activities.

MWP has its own tennis court and is laced with footpaths. It is within walking distance or a short shuttle ride to the nearby historic Mt. Washington Hotel (pictured right).which offers many amenities and resources for MWP residents.

MWP is administratively part of the Town of Carroll, which includes the villages of Bretton Woods and Twin Mountain. Town services are located at Twin Mountain. The Town of Carroll web site offers a lot of local information.

Bretton Woods is a four-seasons outdoors paradise. Winter comes early; the downhill skiing and snowboarding area (open November through April) is the largest in New Hampshire and has the best snow. The nordic skiing area is one of the largest in the East and offers breathaking views of the Presidential Range. The coming of spring brings flatwater and whitewater kayaking, as well as trout fishing in the Ammonoosuc river. Summer means spectacular hiking in the White Mountain National Forest and superb mountain biking, golf, wildlife watching, and just escaping the summer heat (the highest temperature ever recorded at Bretton Woods is 93oF). Fall is the celebrated season when the trees treat us to a glorious kaleidoscope of colors. The Bretton Woods area is rich in history and boasts a number of unique attractions, and yet it has managed to preserve its wilderness and the community retains its relaxed and friendly atmosphere. You will not want to leave!

MWP Fun Facts
  • MWP was built in two phases, the first phase in the late 1980s (units 1-50) and the second phase in the mid 1990s (units 51-106). The last buildings (77-80 and 81-83) were completed in 1996.
  • There is no building 84-87! It was supposed to be built at the MWP high point (top of the Loop Trail) but access was complicated and the plans were abandoned.
  • Building 50A was built in 2005 to replace a former telephone company building that was sitting on MWP land but did not actually belong to MWP. See this picture of the telephone company building being demolished in 2005. 50A is managed by MWP but is not actually a MWP unit - an easement grants the owners access to common MWP areas  (including where their house sits!). 
  • MWP property extends along Base Road almost to the railroad tracks and to the lawn of the gingerbread house. When they mow the lawn they are on our property!
  • It's hard to imagine now, but there were so many foxes at MWP in the early 2010s that they were becoming a nuisance. People were feeding them and they were becoming aggressive. NH Fish & Game trapped them and relocated them in 2014, and they are now a rare sight.
  • A pair of beavers settled in the MWP pond in the summer of 2009, coming up from the Ammonoosuc River. They dammed up the culvert and water in the pond rose, threatening to flood Base Road. NH Fish & Game did not like that and relocated the beavers. 
  • The MWP pond has lots of fish including minnows and small trout. Nothing worth casting your line though. 
  • For a few hours in August 2011, MWP was completely cut off from the world! That's when Hurricane Irene caused the Ammonoosuc River to flood over Base Rd. 
  • We had two fires in MWP history, in 1998 (building 41-43) and in 2013 (building 73-76). The 1998 fire was due to improper insulation around the flue air intake and the 2013 fire was due to improper use of a gas grill on deck.  The Association took proper measures. Never again!
  • MWP owners hold on to their units for an average of 14 years. That's a long time in the second-home market! Something must be good about the place. More real estate statistics can be found here. 
  • About 40% of MWP units are rented by their owners on an occasional to regular basis.  
  • Peter's Path next to the tennis court is named for long-time resident Peter Gordon and used to rejoin Base Road after the pond. It provided the start for the MWP Loop Trail which was cut in 2013-2014.


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