Travel  Directions and Tips
Setting your GPS:  Your GPS will recognize the street address of your MWP site destination, not the unit number. Street addresses for MWP units are Hannah Loop, Appleby Close, or Hartford Lane Ext.  The street numbers are given in red on the MWP Site Plan and the unit numbers are in green.

From Boston: From Interstate-93, take exit 35 and follow Route 3 North for 9 miles to Twin Mountain. The first large intersection in Twin Mountain is with Route 302 (traffic light).  Make a right on 302 East and follow it for 5 miles to Bretton Woods. As you get to Bretton Woods, look for Fabyan's Restaurant on your left. Make a left on Base Road immediately after Fabyan's. Follow Base Road for just a quarter of a mile; the entrance to Mt. Washington Place is the first left, look for the entrance sign (see picture at left! ). Look for granite post signs with your unit number. The MWP Site Plan shows the overall layout of MWP including unit numbers.

From southern New Hampshire, northeastern Massachusetts: Your GPS may suggest that you  take Route 16N through North Conway. Don't! It's a mess, with frequent congestion and stressful driving. You're much better off crossing west to reach Interstate 93. Do it using Route 495, 101, or 4, depending on how far north you are. Then follow directions above. If you do go through 16N, then at least avoid the worst of North Conway traffic by taking West Side Rd. left from downtown North Conway. That will lead you to Route 302 which you can proceed to take west.

From New York, Connecticut: Take Interstate-91. Your GPS may tell you to go all the way to St. Johnsbury to catch Interstate-93 going south, but we find that it's faster to take the Route 302 exit all the way to Bretton Woods. Follow directions above.

De Montreal:  Prenez l'autoroute 91 Sud, connectez sur l'autoroute 93 Sud, et sortez sur la route 302 Est. Continuez sur la route 302 jusqu'a Bretton Woods et suivez les directions doneees pour Boston.

A Few Travel Tips

Watch for moose - this is serious! Routes 3 and 302 are moose territory - really. These animals are dark, big, and fast. A lot of MWP owners have stories about a hit or near-hit with a moose. Drive defensively, particularly at night. Scan the sides of the road. Have your brights on. When a car comes from the opposite direction and you have to turn off your brights, slow way down - you're in a danger situation. Having a car in front of you is securizing, but be aware that it may brake suddenly or that moose may jump on the road between the two cars.
Speed limits. On Franconia Notch Parkway the speed limit is 45 mph, and for good reason - narrow road + moose. In Twin Mountain the speed limit is generally 40 mph, but beware that the segment of 302 going E to Bretton Woods from the traffic light is posted at 30 mph. When in Bretton Woods, coming out of Base Rd. onto Route 302 is a dangerous intersection - drivers on 302 are going fast and are distracted by the Bretton Woods scenery.
Tolls. If you go up route 93 the only tolls are at exit 10 ($1).
Congestion. In general the drive up to Bretton Woods from Boston is really easy - all highway, fluid traffic. However, if you leave Boston on Friday in the 3-7 pm window you can expect some backups. 
Black ice and snow.  Winter conditions can be encountered from October to May. Check the weather forecast before driving up for snow and ice warnings. Note that the weather given by the National Weather Service is actually for Whitefield, 13 miles to the west, which is the closest NWS station.  Whitefield is at the bottom of a deep valley, so that it gets much colder nighttime temperatures and much less snow than Bretton Woods. Nighttime temperatures at Bretton Woods will not be as cold as advertised by the weather forecast and snow will be heavier. Black ice typically happens under freezing rain conditions (temperatures in the 28-33F range are in the danger zone) but can also happen as early-morning frost. Bridges are the first to freeze, so use extra caution.
Gas, fast food, groceries. Good places to stop for gas on Route 93 in New Hampshire are exits 13 (Hess Express), 20 (Shell and Irving), 24 (Mobil and Irving). All three have low prices and a Burger King next door. We also recommend the Tilton Diner at exit 20 for comfort food that will break the driving but not break the bank. Two good places to stop for groceries are Hannaford's at exit 14 and Market Basket at exit 20.


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