MWP Essentials
This page provides essential information on Mt. Washington Place units for the benefit of owners, guests, and visitors. Owners should also familiarize themselves with Association policies. To quickly find information on a particular topic click on the magnifying glass at the top right of this page and enter your search topic.


PROPERTY MANAGERS. MWP is managed by Great North (GN) management company. Click here for contact information of our local property managers. They are the default go-to for any problems that you may have with your unit. They are available 24/7 in case of emergency.

SNOW REMOVAL: The Association hires seasonal contractors to clear snow promptly from MWP roads, parking areas, and walkways.  During a snowstorm you should move your car, and tell your neighbors to move their cars, to allow the plows to clear the parking areas. If you find that your parking area is not cleared on a timely basis, call the Grounds Committee chair who will contact our contractor.  If you are in a middle unit, beware that roof snow and icicles can fall onto your deck and walkway heavily and without warning. Breaking off icicles is a good idea, for example before you shovel your deck. Clearing your deck of snow is your responsibility. Having a clear deck will maintain a second egress from your unit and will avoid water leaks through the deckside. If you would like to have your deck cleared, contact our Grounds contractor Howard Hoffman (phone 603-846-5689, email

HEAT: By Association policy, thermostats should not be set below 60oF when your unit is unoccupied between November and March. The two reasons to leave them so high are (1) to prevent freezing in pipes close to external walls, (2) to provide some buffer time in case of power outages. Your unit has a low-temperature sensor on the first floor that is set to 50oF and you should never touch it, it belongs to the Association and is intended to protect your building against freeze-ups (see FURNACE/BOILER entry below). Click the When you leave tab on the menu at left for more information,

FURNACE/BOILER: Click the Maintenance/Repairs tab on the menu at left for information on servicing and repairing your furnace or boiler.  If your equipment fails and the temperature in the unit falls below 50oF, a low-temperature light will be activated outside your unit and will be noticed by security staff or property managers on their rounds. They will enter your unit and try to correct the problem. You will be immediately notified trough your  phone number in the Resident Directory.

PARKING: Each unit is allotted two parking spaces as shown in this parking map. There are special restrictions on trailers and dumpsters. See Parking and Noise on the menu at left  for more information,

OUTSIDE LIGHTS: Each unit has two external front lights activated by infrared sensors: (1) a coach light that illuminates the walkway and surroundings, (2) a porch light that illuminates the front landing and door. These two lights are controlled by a common switch in the mud room. That switch should always be in the ON position - we suggest that you tape it so that it stays that way. Otherwise the lights will not respond to the heat sensors. Rear lights (deck and ground floor) are activated by light switches inside the units; we ask that you have them off after 11 pm to avoid light shining into neighboring buildings. Owners are responsible for replacing external light bulbs as necessary. If the lights still don't work after replacing the light bulbs then this becomes the Association's problem and you should contact  the property managers.

HUMIDITY:  Some buildings are prone to high relative humidity in summer. Monitor humidity levels in your unit, particularly on the ground floor of three-level buildings. If humidity is high, run a dehumidifier. This will avoid mold. By contrast,  humidity can be very low in winter when outside temperatures are cold. Running a humidifier will prevent discomfort and cracked skin.

GAS GRILLS, OUTDOOR FIRES, GENERATORS, FIREWORKS:  Outdoor fires other than charcoal and propane grills and cookers are prohibited on MWP grounds. Power generators are prohibited on MWP grounds. Fireworks are prohibited on MWP grounds. Grills may not be used on the deck or front porch, under the deck, or within 10 feet of the building, a requirement of the national and state fire codes. Compliance is extremely important for our Association insurance policy. Our last building fire was caused by improper grill use on a deck. If you see a violation please report it to the Board of Directors. We recommend that grills be stored on a pad away from the building in a common area, as shown in these examples. If you would like to install a pad for your unit please contact the Grounds Committee chair.

PETS: As per Association Bylaws, pets must be kept on leash on MWP grounds. Owners must pick up after their pet. Pets are not allowed on the MWP tennis court. Never let your pet roam alone - there have been a number of instances of pets being killed by foxes and bears.

Checklist When Leaving
Some important things to remember when you leave your unit:

FIREPLACE: Make sure all ashes are cold (do not make a fire on the day you leave!). Close the damper (handle in the chimney flue).  Do not remove ashes except in an ashcan. There is no reason to remove ashes from the fireplace after a short stay. They are best left in the fireplace. At the end of the season, the cold ashes can be collected and disposed of as trash or scattered in the woods well out of sight.  Never leave ashes in a bag or any other container inside or outside your unit. 

WATER:  Shut off the water main (handle in the furnace room) and drain the pipes. This is required by Assoiation policy and for good reason - we have had flooding due to broken pipes and seals in unoccupied units, and not just during the winter season. Draining the pipes is easy. After you've shut off the water, open a hot water faucet and a cold water faucet in the bathroom of the bottom floor. Let the flow slow to a trickle - that  should take less than a minute - and close the faucets.  That's good enough to prevent a flooding mess.  

HEAT(November-March): It can get very cold in Bretton Woods in winter, and this calls for the following precautions when leaving your unit. As per Association policy you must upon leaving:
  • Set all thermostats at 60 degrees F:
  • Leave open the door from the living room to the mud room;
  • Drain the water from the pipes (see WATER above);
  • Leave undersink cabinet doors open to prevent water in drains from freezing.  

We also recommend that you leave your boiler room door open for better circulation of heat.

TRASH: Take all trash with you. Do not leave it outside, even in a trash can or in an outside closet. Bears will get to it, rip it to pieces, and make a big mess - guaranteed. You can leave trash at the central Bretton Woods facility next to the Rosebrook Recreation Center on the other side of Route 302. For more information click on Trash/recycling in the menu at left.

OUTSIDE LIGHTS: Make sure that your rear outside lights (deck and lower level) are off. Leave the front light switch on so that porch and coach lights can be activated by the infrared heat sensors.


TOWN OF CARROLL POLICE: 846-2200. They are located on Route 3 in Twin Mountain.

BRETTON WOODS SECURITY: 278-8888 or 278-1000. They patrol the grounds twice a day.

SHUTTLE: 278-2877 - There is complimentary on-call shuttle service throughout the resort. Call and give them your unit number and where you want to go. They'll be at your door generally within 10 minutes. Be ready to go as soon as the shuttle shows up - that's basic courtesy to the other riders. 
BILLING QUESTIONS: Call 603-278-8887  for BWPOA bills such as water/waste. Call 603-436-4100  for MWP bills such as Association dues.

NANNY/BABY-SITTING: See our recommended local contractors.

PROPANE TANK FOR YOUR GRILL: Irving Station on Route 302 will replace your empty tank with a full one.

FIREWOOD: see our recommended local contractors. Stock up on firewood in summer as suppliers often run out in winter. Kindling is sold in various places, or you can just pick up dead twigs and branches in the woods around your unit! Choose hardwood, avoid conifers that will tar up your chimney.

TELEPHONE/CABLE/INTERNET: Bretton Woods Telephone Co., 278-9911. This is the one-stop place to go for your landline connection, your cable TV (Worldsurfer), and internet. For more internet information click on Internet on the menu at left.

LOCKED OUT OF YOUR UNIT? You can contact our property managers during business hours or Bretton Woods Security (see phone numbers above) at all hours. They have keys to your unit. There may be a fee.


Parking and Noise

PARKING: There are two designated parking spaces for each unit. They are generally located in front of the unit. In some cases, they are located to the side of the building. See the Parking Lot Map for a detailed layout of designated parking spaces for each building. Additional vehicles can be accommodated in several "remote" parking lots, generally a short walk from the unit. The Parking Lot Map includes layouts of these remote lots.

Owners who rent their units must post the parking lot map for their building prominently in the mud room of their unit, together with the  summary sheet on MWP rules. You can obtain laminated copies of both by request to our property managers.

It is very important that you do not exceed the maximum of two vehicles per unit, and under no circumstances should you take up a parking space designated for another unit. 

Violations of the parking policy are generally caused by renters. About 40% of MWP units rent.  As a pre-emptive measure, we strongly recommend that you get to know your neighbors and whether they rent their units. Your neighbors' contact information is in the Resident Directory. If they do rent, ask them who you should call if there is a parking problem. If they rent trough the hotel, then it's easy - you can call hotel security (see below). If they rent by themselves or through an agent they will give you a contact info.  MWP owners are sensitive to have their renters follow Association rules and they want to be good neighbors.

If you have an immediate problem with neighbors violating the two vehicles per unit rule, we recommend that you begin by knocking on their door and asking them to move their vehicles. Renters should be aware of the rule through their rental agent, and there should be a summary sheet on MWP rules (including the two-vehicles rule) posted in the mud room. Most often that is all that is needed. If the neighbors are not responsive or you don't feel comfortable asking them, then use the information you have on how they rent. If they rent through the hotel, call the hotel main number (603-278-1000) and ask for security, who will immediately intervene. Note that hotel security will not intervene if the offenders do not rent through the hotel program. In that case contact the owner or their rental agent.  If you have no luck then call the Grounds Committee chair who will take immediate action. Even if the issue has been resolved, do contact the Grounds Committee chair to record this violation of our parking policy. Repeated violation will result inthe Association fining the offending owner

TRAILERS AND DUMPSTERS: Trailers and dumpsters are not allowed on MWP property unless authorized by the Grounds Committee. Contact the Grounds Committee chair with your request and include email approval statements from the other owners of your building (get email addresses from the Resident Directory). Trailers should not remain on property for more than 5 days and dumpsters should not remain on property for more than 2 weeks. Use of dumpsters should be minimized. No more than two parking spaces should be used by a unit at any time, and that includes the spaces taken up by trailers and dumpsters. Additional parking should be in the remote lots. Owners should convey these rules to their contractors.

NOISE: Quiet hours at MWP are from 10 pm to 7 am. This is stated on the summary sheet on MWP rules that should be on display in the mudroom of all rental units. Avoid noise during these hours.  Noise problems are generally caused by renters in summer, and hotel wedding parties are prime offenders.  If the offenders are renters through the hotel (see above about getting to know your neighbors), call the hotel main number (278-1000) and ask for security who will come by promptly. If the offenders don't rent through the hotel then call the Town of Carroll police (603-846-2200)  and they willl come by.  We suggest that you email the unit owners the following morning to let them know about the problem. Also notify the  Secretary of the Board of Directors, who will issue a warning to the owner. Repeated violation of our quiet hours policy will result in fines. 

FIREARMS:  Use of firearms is prohibited by NH law within 600 feet of a dwelling - that means anywhere on MWP property. If you withness an incident please report it to Town of Carroll police (603-846-2200) immediately.

Internet, Mail, Deliveries
INTERNET:  If you are a heavy internet user we recommend that you get high-speed wireless for your unit through the Bretton Woods Telephone Co. (603-278-9911). There are a range of 1-10 Mbps plans that you can select from; see their prospectus. All these plans include an obligatory land line for phone. If you are a light internet user you may find that satellite providers are a better deal. There is also an unsecured wireless from the hotel that you can access from your MWP unit for a daily fee. Look for the unsecured wireless network "brettonwoods" on your computer and follow the instructions. The ski area also has free wifi that you can access from the lodge.

US MAIL: Local mail delivery is not provided to your condo door. You must pick up your mail at  the Bretton Woods Post Office 03575 located on the lower level of the Mt. Washington Hotel. Your mail should be addressed to

(Your Name)
310 Mt. Washington Hotel Rd.
Bretton Woods, NH 03575

If you expect to have mail delivered regularly there, go to the hotel post office and introduce yourself. They will know to expect mail for you.

PACKAGE SERVICES: Package Services will deliver directly to your door, use this address format:

### Your street (Hanna Loop, Hartford Lane Ext. or Appleby Close) - see Site Plan Map
Mt. Washington Place, Unit ###
Bretton Woods, NH 03575

United Parcel Service has a station on Route 3 about 3 miles north of the RT3/RT302 traffic signal.


Bring your trash and recyclables to the dumpster next to the former Rosebrook Recreation Center (go to Route 302, make a left, make a right into the ski area, take your first right, hug the big gray building immediately to your right, make a right past the building, and follow the sign). We have single-stream recycling.

To dispose of bulky items (TVs, refrigerators, furniture, and the like) you can go to the Town of Carroll Recycling Center on New Straw Rd. in Twin Mountain (8 miles). The Recycling Center has limited hours (check the above link).  Or you can save yourself the hassle by contacting our property managers, who will pick up the item from your unit and dispose of it for a fee.

Never leave trash and food outside your unit including in a trash can, in your outside closets, in your car, or anywhere on MWP property.  Trash and food are magnets for bears. These animals are incredibly strong and will rip open your car or closet door. See this picture of a MWP ski closet attacked by a bear.  Trash cans found on MWP property will be removed without further notice. Trash clean-up will be billed to the unit owner.

Local Wildlife

* Read this amazing story of the rescue of a kit fox from a MWP window well (5/5/2013 - Jim Peabody)

One of the attractions of Mt. Washington Place is the abundance of wildlife in our midst. See our MWP wildlife photo album. Large mammals that you can expect to see on the MWP grounds include foxes, woodchucks, black bears, moose, beavers, ermines, fishers. Common birds include turkeys, blue jays, woodpeckers, doves, grackles, grosbeaks, chickadees, juncos, hummingbirds. For us to live in harmony with our local wildlife some precautions are necessary:

1. Black bears.  Several call MWP home. They go into pseudo-hibernation in winter but are frequent sights the rest of the year. They are not aggressive and there is no record of an attack but keep your distances, obviously. They are often looking for food and we have problems with that every year, so please abide by the following recommendations and instruct your guests/renters to do the same:

2. Foxes. MWP used to have an overpopulation of foxes and people were feeding them (wrong!), making them aggressive. Fish & Game relocated them in 2014 following complaints and since then they have been rare. It would be nice to have more around because they are beautiful animals.  Hopefully they will come back, but please don't feed the foxes.

3. Woodchucks.  Probably every building has a resident woodchuck. Expect to see them.

4. Moose, ermines, and fishers are occasionally seen on MWP grounds (see photo album). Along the river is the most likely spot for moose.

5. Beavers sometimes take residence in MWP Pond (see photo album), communicating with the Ammonoosuc River via the culvert under Base Road.  NH Transportation does not like that because they cause the pond to rise and flood the road, so they relocate them. 

6. Birds. By Association Rules, bird feeders are not allowed from April 1 through October 31 because of bears (see above). 

7. When wildlife becomes on the Maintenance and Repairs tab at left to deal with critters that have set up lodging in your building, and to prevent them from entering in the first place. 

Maintenance and repairs

Before making repairs to your unit you need to understand which repairs are the responsibility of the owner and which are the responsibility of the Association. Separation of responsibility is defined by ownership. You are responsible for everything in the building that you own, and the Association is responsible for everything that it owns. See the Unit Ownership page for information on who owns what. Contact the Buildings Committee chair if you have any questions.

Recommended local contractors: You are free to contract with whomever you choose for repairs that are your responsibility. See our list of recommended local contractors with whom MWP owners have had good experience. Our property managers can also help you find a suitable contractor.

External building maintenance: This is the responsibility of the Association. Routine staining/painting/repairing is done on a rotating basis:
  • 3-year rotation for decks, stairways, and walkways (decks of units 1-50 in Year 1, decks of units 51-106 in Year 2, all stairways/walkways in Year 3). Check the latest  Board of Directors meeting reports for the current status of the rotation. 
  • 7-year rotation (approximately) for building frontsides, backsides, and endsides. Again, check the Board of Directors meeting reports for current status.
In addition to this routine maintenance, repairs are done on an as-needed basis.  Contact our property managers if you have a pressing need for repair.

Water leaks: Water leaks should be reported to the property managers immediately to avoid rot and mold. Leaks of inside origin are your responsibility. Avoid them by shutting off the water when you leave (see "When you leave" on menu at left). Also periodically check your water lines in the boiler room for corrosion, in particular around pressure gauges (click here to learn more). For leaks of outside origin, the Association will pay for repair of what it owns (see the Unit Ownership page) and also for the repair of the affected areas of inside ceilings and walls (even though they belong to the unit owner - the rationale is that the Association wants to encourage owners to report such problems and thus protect the building from rot). The Association will also pay for the immediate drying of the unit including replacement of carpet pads if needed. It will not pay for carpets or hardwood floors, furnishing, or replacement of whole inside ceilings or inside walls - these are the responsibility of the unit owner.  

Pests:  Ants and mice are an occasional problem and dealing with them is your responsibility. To hire an exterminator see our recommended local contractors. If you have an ant problem please inform our property managers and they will treat the perimeter of your building. Larger critters such as squirrels, racoons, woodchucks, and skunks occasionally get into buildings and settle in the walls or the attic - if they're there you will hear them (or smell the skunk!). Eradicating them is the Association's responsibility because they can do damage to buildings. Please report such a problem to the property managers right away. A common route of entry for critters is through the outside closets and firewood bin - check periodically these areas for any holes that might reveal pest infiltration.

Replacing windows and doors: windows and doors, their locks and frames, and associated trim are the responsibility of the owner and replacement costs are borne by the owner. When replacing windows and doors you must be careful not to alter the look of the building. We recommend that you use our recommended local contractors  or ask approval from the Buildings Committee chair.  New doors will be painted by the Association and at Association expense. If you discover building rot in the process of replacing windows and doors, contact the property managers immediately. They will inspect and repair the rot at Association expense. Do not have your contractor bill the Association after rot repair work is done - the Association needs to be able to inspect the damage and discuss the matter with the contractor before any work is done. 

Changing locks and keys: All units must remain accessible to our property managers for routine inspections mandated by the Association (such as chimneys and thermostats) and for emergency reasons (such as low-temperature lights, flooding). If you wish to re-key your unit, we recommend that you use J.S. Adams (see our recommended local contractors page) who will directly provide a copy of your new key to our property managers.  If you choose to use someone else, ask them to send a copy of your new key to our property managers, or send a copy yourself. 

Furnace/Boiler: It is very important that you have your furnace or boiler serviced once a year.See our recommended plumbing and heating contractors for service and repair Your antifreeze must be tested to at least zero degrees Fahrenheit. The Association inspects antifreeze in all units every two years as part of its insurance policy requirements. You will be notified by our property managers before the inspection. You will be billed for the inspection and for any needed antifreeze addition.

Fireplaces:  The Association hires a contractor to inspect wood fireplaces every year and gas fireplaces every three years, and to clean them if needed. This is a requirement of the NH fire code and of our Association insurance policy. You will be notified by our property managers in advance of the inspection, which typically takes place in late spring.. You will be billed for the inspection (about $25), and also for the cleaning if needed (about $25), and receive a report. The inspection is "Level 1", which means that it only involves visual inspection of the fireplace itself and  of the chimney flue from the bottom. If the report identifies major cracks or a damaged chimney you will be required to make the necessary repairs before any further use of the fireplace. A damaged chimney may cost thousands of dollars to replace. Before commiting to that you may want to seek a Level 2 inspection from a certified contractor  (about $300), which involves climbing on the roof and dropping a camera down the flue. Chimney repairs and Level 2 inspections are your responsibility.  See our recommended fireplace contractors. Repairs to the chimney chase and replacement of the chimney chase steel cover are the responsbility of the Association. If you need to repair the chimney chase or replace the steel cover as part of your chimney repair work, do not have your contractor bill the Association for its share after the repair work is done - the Association needs to approve the work beforehand. Contact our property managers to arrange this.

Tree cutting for view: The trees surrounding your building are Association property and so you cannot cut them without authorization - that could be detrimental to your neighbors. At the same time, the Association is very sympathetic to owners' desires to maintain their views against the growing forest. Our policies aim to facilitate the process in a manner that respects your neighbors' rights. Go to the Policy Summaries page that describes the procedure to request tree cutting for views. Normally, tree cutting for views is at the owner's expense. However, if you feel that your proposed tree cutting serves the interests of the Association please make your case to the Grounds Committee chair and the Association may provide cost-sharing.

Making additions  to your unit and installing external equipment

As a condo owner, it is important that you understand what you own as sole proprietor vs. what the Association owns. Read the Ownership Page for a detailed explanation. 

The distinction limits your rights to make additions to your unit that may affect your neighbors or may otherwise affect Association property. Within your unit walls you are "king/queen of your castle". You can do whatever remodeling that you want as long as it does not endanger the structure of your builiding. However, the Association owns everything from the sheetrock out. Thus you cannot make any permanent or long-term additions  or installations outside of your unit walls without explicit authorization from the Association. For examplle, you specifically need prior authorization from the Association to install
  • Air conditioning units
  • Satellite dishes
  • External lights
  • External patios
  • Hot tubs
  • Sheds or fixed storage boxes
  • Radon vents
  • Landscaping  and planting
  • Deck extensions
The Association has policies for requesting these additions. See our Policy Summaries page and click on "Policy for outside installations". If you make additions without getting prior authorization you will be asked to remove them. If you have questions, contact the Buildings Committee chair (or the Grounds Committee chair for landscaping and planting). Be aware that permanent additions (1) become the immediate property of the Association even though you paid for them, (2) remain your responsibility for maintenance even though they are  Association property. You must pay for any maintenance after installation. If an addition becomes neglected to the point that it is an eyesore or hazard then the Association may decide to remove it at your expense. If you sell your unit then the new owner will inherit the responsibility of maintaining your addition.

Note that you are specifically not allowed to:

Renting your MWP unit
About 40% of MWP units are rented at least occasionally.  See our recommendations for local rental agents.  You as owner are responsible to ensure that renters abide by the rules of the Association. If you rent your MWP unit or have guests in your absence, please ask that they go through the MWP Essentials webpage in order to protect your property and that of your neighbors.  You as owner are responsible for all damages caused by your renters and guests. Please display permanently in your mudroom this MWP Policy Summary sheet designed for renters and guests, as well as the MWP Parking Lot Map for your building. Laminated copies of these documents suitable for posting are available upon request to our property managers. We also recommend that you email these two documents to your renters and guests in advance of their stay to make sure that they are familiar with them.

The following rules are most important to reinforce in your communications with renters, as violations of these rules are the cause of most complaints:

1. Parking.  Your renters and guests must abide by the two vehicles per unit rule. Violating this rule can severely inconvenience your neighbors, who may call our property managers to intervene. An after-hours intervention from the property managers will be billed to you. If your renters/guests do not cooperate they will be towed at your expense. For some units it is not totally obvious to renters where they should park, causing them to occupy the space of neighbors who may not be pleased.  Make the parking instructions to renters clear. Tell them about the nearest overflow parking area.

2. Quiet hours.  Quiet hours at MWP are from 10PM to 7AM. Your renters need to be made aware that they are in a community of owners and residents. After 10PM they should move the noise inside and turn the music down.

3. Grills.  By law, grills must not be operated within 10 feet of our buildings and that includes decks. Our last building fire was caused by a grill. If you store your grill under your porch or deck, you must provide very clear instructions to the renters that they need to move the grill before using it.

4. Trash.  Trash should not be left outside, including in exterior closets. Bears will get to it and make a big mess. Direct your renters and guests to use the trash facility across the street. Go to Trash/Recycling in the menu at left for more information.

As a unit owner you are responsible for ensuring that the water in your unit is shut off when your renters leave. This can be done by the renters, by your cleaning service, or by your rental agent. You are responsible for any water damage to your unit and neighboring units as a result of broken pipes. 

Also have clear instructions on fireplace use. Renters/guests are often enthusiastic but inexperienced fireplace users. They need to be told in particular to (1) open the damper, (2) keep the fire small, (3) not take firewood from neighboring units (this is theft), (4) leave the ashes in the fireplace, (5) not make a fire the day they leave. The last fire at Forest Cottages across the street was due to a guest who cleaned the fireplace after use and left warm ashes in a paper bag.

If you count on a rental agent to instruct your renters on the above rules please forward this webpage to them. If you would like advice on selecting a rental agent contact anyone on the MWP Board of Directors.

Thank you for your cooperation!


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